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GCommander, a GNOME file manager


GCommander is a two-panel Total/Norton/Volkov/Midnight Commander-like file manager made primarily for the GNOME desktop environment.

This homepage is temporary and in written in README-style. A more polished version will be made when the project is more mature (it was started July 2005).


The project's main goal is to create a two-panel graphical file manager familiar to NC, and its clones' users. This includes full keyboard operation. The other goal is to make GCommander as native to GNOME as possible, this includes using only the most essential GNOME libraries and writing the project in C because GNOME is written in C.
So, the project's three main ideas are GNOME, C and Commander. There are other file managers written in C, for GNOME or resembling Norton, but not all these options at once. Yes, Gnome Commander fulfills there conditions but it's from the Gnome 1 era and Gnome 2 support still isn't implemented. It also requires lots of additional libraries my Ubuntu distribution doesn't have installed by default and I hate that. I also don't like how it handles things such as file selection, although it's a matter of personal taste.
The feature list: The list is still incomplete and will change in time.

Technical details

The project requires GTK2 (widgets and Glib framework), GnomeVFS (file operations) and libgnomeui (to show appropriate icons).
Here's a screenshot of how GCommander alpha-version looks like:
Screenshot of GCommander
As you can see, the app is still far from being complete. When I write more code, I will update this page and the screenshot. Before then, the project's top priority will be development and not publicity.
GCommander is released under the GNU GPL license but I'm still the copyright holder. This means that you can do anything with the source/binaries as long as you don't violate GPL.


There's no CVS access yet because I don't know yet what features exactly needed and because my internet connection is too expensive to control CVS. You can however download the sources from the project's homepage and send diff patches (contact details below). The sources are however not frequently updated. But until the project is announced terminated, I am working on it, just without a lot of releases or just too slowly. If you want to help the project, you can do one of the following tasks:
Please note that if you want to make a donation, I don't have a PayPal account. They only allow this service in selected countries, and Russia unfortunately isn't one of them.


You can send me an email message through SourceForge's website (if you have a Sourceforge ID). I won't publish my email here because spambots will collect it and then I'll end up cleaning my mailbox. No, wait – my username in Gmail is 'zlogic' (without the quotes), that should give you a hint what my email really is. You can also visit my personal website at http://zlogic.da.ru, please note however that it's entirely in Russian.

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